The Gallery Box

The Gallery Box, is an exciting hub for artists and art enthusiasts located on Felixstowe’s coastline. Each month the art gallery and art shop will be themed to display an exciting mixture of artworks and artisan goodies, made by creatives from across East Anglia. Additionally to this, art supplies, souvenirs and other art related treats, are available at The Gallery Box.

A mixture of artistic styles such as; contemporary, impressionist, traditional, etc. will be displayed at The Gallery Box in a variety of mediums such as: photography, painting, drawing, etching, cutting, collage, printing, knitting, weaving, stitching, etc.

Workshops will be held for adults and children, focussing on an array of different styles and techniques to creating art. A variety of artists from Suffolk will be scheduled throughout the year to teach their trade to budding artists who are keen to learn more. Sign up to the newsletter at to never miss the latest news and details on upcoming workshops, artists and products.

The space is curated by local Suffolk artist, Victoria Petchey, who will be working at the art gallery painting her iconic bees and pet portraits. 

“I predominantly paint images of animals, however, I also create artworks that focus on women, wildlife, nature, the environment and animal exploitation.


I enjoy creating art that challenges our thoughts and feelings on particular subjects. The art materials I use are vegan friendly and I use minimal paint to avoid waste.

I share my home with three rescue cats, Rosa, Eric and Dora. They’re a daily inspiration for me and I love having them nearby when creating artwork.

I’ve been making and creating since I can remember. I feel art is for everyone, and to be enjoyed by all. Everyone can draw (don’t roll your eyes!) and I hope to encourage people of all ages to give art a go.

Victoria Petchey

Opening Times

Thursday:10 – 4pm
Friday:10 – 4pm
Saturday:10 – 4pm
Sunday:10 – 4pm