I work by appointments 7 days a week 9-5.

Each booking and price is considered separately. Pricing needs to take the following factors into consideration: 

*Size of the dog

*Grooming history

*Dog’s behaviour

*Stage of the coat and it’s condition

*Thickness of the coat

*Dog’s age

*Medical Conditions

*Pet dog or breeding dog

It’s important to consider these factors as they determine the levels of work required.

Dental Cleaning

I am happy to offer a new service, which is an alternative to traditional dental scaling under anaesthesia for your dog. Ultrasonic teeth cleaning protects your pet from oral disease and teeth loss. It’s a very gentle session, motionless and does not involve brushing or any abrasive action. This treatment penetrates deep into gums so reaches places which most other system cannot. Believe me, this truly is a product neither you or your🐕 want to be without ☝️

As a dog lover, I am passionate about dog grooming.

“If you find a job you love, you will never work again”

Opening Times – by appointment only

Monday:9am – 5pm
Tuesday:9am – 5pm
Wednesday:9am – 5pm
Thursday:9am – 5pm
Friday:9am – 5pm
Saturday:9am – 5pm
Sunday:9am – 5pm