The Waffle Shack

The Waffle Shack is the original and best waffle house in Felixstowe offering delicious waffles and crepes, wash them down with one of our luxuriously thick ice cream shakes. We are a small family-owned business offering treats to tantalise your tastebuds! It’s our passion to provide you with tasty food and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Choose from a variety of toppings to compliment your waffles, crepes and delicious ice cream thick shakes. We like to constantly inspire you so watch out for the ‘Waffle Shack Specials’. However, we do know from our regulars that there are some favourites including the Choc Banoffee, The Lotus Biscoff and the Canadian Cinnamon!  Savoury options and a breakfast menu are to follow shortly.

Beach Street is the perfect spot for The Waffle Shack as we love being located near the sea front! The Waffle Shack is a long-held family dream and the owners’ passion for offering tasty food with friendly service shines through. The family looks forward to welcoming you and your family to The Waffle Shack, which promises to add a kick to your visit to Beach Street.

The Waffle Shack is proud to be part of the community that is evolving at Beach Street as we work alongside other like-minded businesses. We want to support and work with the wider Felixstowe community which has been achieved with a raffle within our first month but we will be looking to continue this in the future.

Waffle Facts for you:

Waffles have been around since the 14th Century and whilst they originated in France the word waffle originates from the Dutch Word ‘Wafer’.

The World largest ‘Waffle’ was made in 2013 in The Netherlands and had a diameter of 2.4 meters and weighed 50kg!

At the International Waffle eating competition (yes there is such a thing!!) the current champion ate 29 waffles in 10 minutes! Anyone fancy giving him a run for his money with our waffles…..?

Opening Times

Monday: Closed
Thursday:10am – 8pm
Friday:10am – 9pm
Saturday:10am – 9pm
Sunday:10am – 8pm