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Barbershops were around as early as 296 B.C. as Greek men used to gather in a market place to get their hair and beards trimmed while debating and gossiping. Barbershops also have some history in the medical world since barbers once served as surgeons and dentists. Can you imagine walking into your local shop and asking for a wart removal, a capped cavity, and a Bald Caesar?

The actual trade was formally introduced in the U.S. in the 19th century, as A.B. Moler (no relation to molar) opened a barber school in Chicago, making it the first institution of its kind anywhere in the world. It brought training, education, and professionalism to the world of facial hair trimming, giving rise to a new, successful industry. 

Men would treat these shops as a sort of fraternity gathering as if a schedule were set to congregate and cover the week’s tasks. The role of the barbershop was never truly just about getting a haircut but has always been propagated on creating a sense of community.

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