Say Cheese

Say Cheese Felixstowe is your newest destination for mac and cheese and other cheesy treats.

The ultimate street food.

US inspired mac and cheese loaded with your choice of topping. Our original three cheese sauce recipe with macaroni pasta is perfect comfort food. We do vegan mac and cheese too!

Choose from a variety of toppings such as blue cheese, bacon, hot dogs, spinach and crispy onions, your mac and cheese will be grilled to perfection.  We can also serve it over crispy parmentier potatoes for double carb loading!

Also on the menu is Raclette, a Swiss dish of cheese melted on the wheel and then scraped onto crispy parmentier potatoes. It’s gooey cheese heaven!

Opening Times

Wednesday:12pm – 7pm
Thursday:12pm – 7pm
Friday:12pm – 8pm
Saturday:12pm – 8pm
Sunday:12pm – 6pm