Puzzle is a Scandi inspired ladies fashion, gift and lifestyle store.

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The Scandinavian inspiration comes from a lifetime of travel. Having been lucky enough to work for a cruise line. I was able to see many wonderful countries and cultures. I love Europe, as it is so so beautiful. But by far my favourite is Scandinavia. Not only because I found my now Norwegian husband. But I also fell in love with the clean fresh feeling of open living spaces, flowing clothing and a natural approach to the world around us 

Scandi inspired ladieswear and fashion.

As Norway is surrounded by islands, ocean and beautiful coastline and wanting to bring that Scandinavian feeling to Suffolk. The natural place for Puzzle to open, was beside the sea and what more fabulous place could you ask for than, Felixstowe in Suffolk. 

With the excitement of a dynamic and inspiring new place to discover independent boutiques, Beach Street was about to open its doors. It was perfect timing and a dream come true to move into Unit 6 and be part of this exceptional new concept. A place you can now find that Scandinavian feeling for yourself.

I believe I have bought with me that chic and timeless feeling, to reflect the mood of each day and every occasion. Capturing the imagination with simplistic lines and eye-catching attention to detail. Adding the perfect accessory, be it for your outfit or your home. The addition of my twist on the theme, add a little touch of sparkle you have a real game changer. 

“Stunning Scandinavian Ladieswear and Fashion”

Explore the latest season, casual, simple, yet cool fashion collection and newest arrivals. Timeless styles, contrasting fabrics, altered tones and wardrobe essentials 

Our gift range carries the same vibe. As carefully chosen as your friends, so you can show them just how special and unique their relationship is to you.  At Puzzle we strive to source and hand pick our range, so you can have something unique for home and her…

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