Pineapple Parade

Pineapple Parade is here to offer local creations and a curated selection of vintage clothing. Complimentary to a more sustainable lifestyle while also supporting local people.

Being a proud cruelty free and slow fashion house offering everything from carefully put together house plants to one off designer vintage pieces, pineapple parade was started as a way to not only find what you may be looking for but bring back the experience of having somewhere to help guide you on the way of personalised gift giving and outfit assembly for any event. With the owner being able to embroider, alter and personalise any item to make it truely yours. 

Being more bespoke enables the stock available to change and adapt giving something new to find at every visit keeping self expression at the forefront of peoples homes and wardrobes. 

Now located in the Market Shop zone.

Opening Times

Wednesday:11am – 4pm
Thursday:11am – 4pm
Friday:11am – 5pm
Saturday:11am – 6pm
Sunday:10am – 5pm