Cosy Aromas

Bring excitement and happiness to your home through the power of Cosy Aroma’s home fragrance and wax melts. A huge selection of delicious scents from their range of beautiful fragrance products.

Set up by husband and wife Paul and Tamar Mayne, this little shop is bursting with joyous smells thanks to its array of soy wax melts and candles. Designed to be long-lasting, the melts are available in 100 scents from categories such as food and drink, clean and fresh, musk and designer perfume-inspired scents.

Home fragrance and wax melts

Wax melts come in small 28g sample pots and the signature 110g Cosy Pods. The ever-expanding range of candles range from small travel tins to powerful twin wick candles.

Soy wax is plant based – it provides a much cleaner burn and is more environmentally friendly than the paraffin wax alternatives.

Thursday:10 – 5pm
Friday:10 – 5pm
Saturday:10 – 5pm
Sunday:10 – 4pm

Opening Times