Beard Manners

Beard origins story ….

My name is Jason and my beard journey began in October 2015. Since then I have made mistakes from shaving too much off, to not taking proper care. It is safe to say that I have had to learn a lot and to learn the hard way. I have tried a huge variation of products and have found that they play a major part in your beard and your bearded experience.

Grooming products for beards, moustaches and men

A lot of men today, struggle with certain things. Underneath all of the hair, tattoos, muscles or hobbies etc we struggle just the same as everybody else. People may laugh but for me, my beard is a life choice, a hobby and a huge part of who I am. The products we use are all part of it. When you find a product that you love but that also welcomes you into their community/brotherhood, it is truly a great thing.
As I grew older wiser and wider, my confidence had slowly died away. It is no exaggeration to say that growing a beard has really helped me to re-find myself. My style and image have changed for the better. I have become happier in myself which benefits my family and friends. It has put me on a health journey that has me feeling the best that I have felt and has also been a huge help to my mental health. All of this and many other things, are the reasons that I am so passionate about beards and how to treat them.
Growing a beard has given me a lot and I have put all of that passion into this brand, which has genuinely given me by far the best results that I have ever seen. We do not stereotype, all beards are welcome and all beards are perfect in their own way. Our product is based on the results of a lot of testing and by researching the best oils/butters for your skin and beard.

Whether you have a beard yourself or are looking to grow one, then let us help you to give your beard some Beard Manners!

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